Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We were just informed that if you: 1) took the science FCAT, 2) earned a Level 1 (not the level 2 needed for promotion) and 3) have met all other promotion requirements*, you can take the Science FCAT on July 28th!!!!
*Promotion requirements for the 12th grade:
  • GPA of 1.5 or higher
  • 18 total credits, including 3 English and either 4 Math and/or 4 Science
  • Level 2 on the Science FCAT***
***If you meet the first two promotion requirements listed above, but failed to achieve a level 2 on the Science FCAT, you will be promoted to the 12th grade automatically anyway IF you received a 70% or higher on the End of Course (EOC) exam in your science class during the 2008-2009 school year.