Friday, March 30, 2012

ATTENTION JUNIORS & SENIORS - SAT test day security changes!

Good afternoon –
Yesterday the College Board announced sweeping changes to security on SAT test day, beginning with the 2012-2013 academic year.  These new changes include photo registration, spot-check and increased ID checks, changes to the check-in process, and pre-registration requirements (walk-ins are no longer allowed).

These changes come after the Long Island cheating scandal uncovered last year where a group of students were caught paying other students to take their exams.  Since then, the College Board hired a former FBI director to review the security measures and overhaul as necessary.

Students will now be required to upload a photo at registration.  This photo will be printed on the admissions ticket as well as the check-in roster and scores, which are sent to high schools and colleges.  If a student cannot upload a photo, he/she will be permitted to mail a photo to the College Board which will scan the image and associate it with the student file.  The admissions ticket photo will be matched with the check-in roster and compared to their valid student ID.

For many students, their ID is simply their driver’s license but for those students without driver’s licenses, other acceptable forms of photo ID now include:
•             State issued non drivers ID
•             School identification card
•             Passport
•             Government issued ID
•             School ID form

In addition to these changes, student IDs will be checked more frequently throughout the test (at breaks, if a student leaves and re-enters a room, when handing in answer sheets, etc.) and “spot checks” will be performed at random locations or if cheating is suspected.  Proctors will also receive additional training on how to spot cheating and what to do if cheating is suspected. 

For more information on the security changes, please check out the College Board press room:

For more information on what to bring on test day, check out the College Board website:

We anticipate that your students will first start encountering these changes when registration for the October, 2012 SAT begins. 

I will continue to alert you as this information updated.


Elizabeth Waite
Director of High School Outreach| The Princeton Review- San Diego
3262 Holiday Court, Suite 101, La Jolla, CA 92037

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kids Together Against Cancer. Support for families dealing with a parent's cander journey.

Recent KTAC Session at Riverside Presbyterian Day School

Time to Register
 for the New 5 week
KTAC Sessions...

As a parent with cancer, one of the hardest things to do when you are diagnosed is talk to your family. 

Kids Together Against Cancer's five week program is child and parent focused in a positive and fun environment. 

Art Educators, from the Cummer Museum of Art, help children create beautiful art projects to help express their feelings.

Licensed Oncology Social Workers guide adult group discussion to help families cope with the cancer diagnosis. 

Dates:    Tuesday, March 27 
              Tuesday, April 3    
              Tuesday, April 10  
              Tuesday, April 17  
              Tuesday, April 24  

 Times:    5:30p Dinner (free); 6:00p - 7:00p Art Session 

Location:  Riverside Presbyterian Day School
           (830 Oak Street)

Please join us and call 742-2916 to reserve your space

KTAC programs are free to anyone,
no matter where they are being treated.
  KTAC offers art workshops, monthly support groups,
as well as information and resources
to help families during a parent's cancer journey.
KTAC programs support children of all ages (up to age 17). 

Please contact us for more information...  

Phone (904) 308-KTAC (5822)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Entering 9th grade in 2012-2013? CHECK THIS OUT!

QUEST 2012 Application


Peter Pan Flier - Fscj 2012
College Workshop 2012

JU Robotics Opportunity for Teen Girls


Seniors, the last day to order graduation announcements and cap and grown is Friday April 13th. You can order on line or see Coach Gwynes in Student Activities for the forms.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Boot Camp Handout Boot Camp Reservation Form Boot Camp Consent Release
FAHPD Student Symposium Flier

Date and Time: Wed. April 18, 2012
Anytime between 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Location: Kent Campus, Building D, Room 120

In order to register, your students must:
·        Meet all minimum GPA and assessment requirements.
·        Submit a fully signed application form.  The most current versions of the forms are below.  Please copy on a single 2-sided page if possible. You may use the re-application form if you have previously done a semester of dual enrollment. If this is your first term in dual enrollment, please complete the Dual Enrollment Application and provide an official transcript.
 ·        Submit high school transcripts with cumulative GPA.
 ·        Submit qualifying ACT, SAT, or CPT test scores if you are new to dual enrollment or have re-tested with new score results.

Dual Enrollment Application 3-10 Re-Registration Dual App 3-10 FSCJ

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Nurse Adams has submitted an entry to the Rack Room Shoes "Save the Athletes" Challenge to raise $15,000 to purchase supplies and other support needs for our Special Olympics program.  If you are not aware of our particular Special Olympics program, they are phenomenal...both because we have fantastic staff and volunteers that work with our students but also because our students are wonderful!  They have done very well this year, with our 5-on-5 basketball team placing third at the state competition.  But we could do so much more if we had the financial support. 

Please go to the website below and vote for our Ed White Special Olympics to win the grand prize.  You may vote once a day between today and March 19th.  You may also vote on Facebook via the Rack Room Shoes page.  But take the link below to vote.  Come back and do it once a day for the next few weeks and hopefully we'll win!!

Thank you so much for supporting our students!!  Go Ed White!!!!
SSU Recruitment Luncheon Invitation- March 31, 2012
Minority Summer Residency Program - USF 2012
Parent-Volunteer Flyer 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012


FSCA Scholarships Form_2012
Asmc Fy12 Scholarship Ltr


Flyer Military Academy Day May 12 Military Academy -Sign in Sheet

Kids Together Against Cancer. Support for families dealing with a parent's cander journey.

Helping Children Cope:
through Simple and Honest Communication

Parents or caregivers with cancer may find themselves suddenly overwhelmed with appointments, information, and emotions.  It may be difficult to a maintain normalcy at home, work, and with their families.  Children may react differently depending on their developmental age, personality, and coping skills.  They may feel confused, sad, angry, and anxious.

Parenting during this time can bring a range of challenges. Parents often do not know how to talk to their children about their illness and treatment.  This may create barriers that increase a child’s stress and fears.  Children of all ages will have doubts and questions about their future and that of their parents.
Answer your child’s questions simply and honestlyChildren can sense when a parent is withholding information or not telling them the truth.  Not talking about cancer may suggest that it is too terrible to discuss. They may feel more fearful if they do not know what to expect during you cancer journey.

Give your child the opportunity to ask questions.  It is important to listen to your child and ask them what they think cancer is and what they are worried about during this time.  This will give you the opportunity to correct any misinformation they may have.

KTAC can help normalize these feelings and support children of all ages.

Please contact us at for more information on how to help your family during your cancer journey.
  Heather Oakley, LCSW, Chrys Yates, Art Educator, and Jennifer Maggiore, LCSW share KTAC with thousands of participants at the Breast Cancer Marathon Health Expo

KTAC Monthly Meeting
Sunday, March 11th 
Cummer Museum of Arts

 pre-registration required...
please call 308-KTAC (5822)

More than 100 children participated in creating "Helping Hands"for loved ones coping with Cancer at the Breast Cancer Marathon Health Expo

KTAC programs are free to anyone, no matter where they are being treated.

KTAC supports children of all ages (up to age 17).

KTAC offers art workshops, monthly support groups, as well as information and resources to help families during a parent's cancer journey.

Visit our website at or
call us at (904) 308-KTAC (5822) for more information.

Please help us reach those who need us by forwarding this email and encourage others to sign up for future email updates. The option to do this is listed below. Thank you for your support!
Hubbard House Walk Flier

Wednesday, March 7, 2012